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Erin Daniel Mckee is one of the entertainment industry's leading publicity firms, representing actors, no.1 award-winning music acts, radio DJ's, celebrity/models, TV Hosts, filmmakers and television programs. The company has provided strategic marketing and publicity consultation for many top entertainment industry professionals for over eight years and has offices in London and more recently Italy. The worlds of entertainment, events, fashion, lifestyle, luxury goods, travel, and restaurants are divisions which Erin Daniel Mckee represent with pride and expertise.

Erin Daniel McKee has come a long way from being about just three people, to a brand synonymous with cutting edge cool and immediate results. It is now including Fashion pr, lifestyle pr, Profiling, Events, Corporate Comms/Consumer pr, celebrity liaison, Travel and lifestyle management.

Erin Daniel Mckee together with Sean Borg when working together in Spirit Media, took Brit-Award winning pop-dance act, LIBERTY X, once dubbed the “flopstars” and turned them into bona fide “popstars”.  This saw our company presented with its very own 2003 Brit Award for its PR campaign on ‘Just a Little', the hit that reached number 1, selling over a million copies.

Erin Daniel Mckee is a public relations company founded on excellence and a passionate dedication for the industry. Director Erin McKee is a leader in the field, collective accomplishments and impeccable contacts have made Erin Daniel Mckee the most exciting PR company to emerge in recent years. Their dynamic team of collaborators are diverse and innovative - which reflects in the outstanding results they achieve.

“Erin is one of few smart and talented PR’s that I go to.”
Jefferson Hack ‘Dazed and Confused’
"Erin understands how the media operates, that is why he is one of the sharpest PR’s on the map!"
"Victoria Newton, Deputy Editor, The Sun
"Erin has an expert, well-rounded knowledge, which makes him synonymous with 'Great PR!'"
Simon Mills 'GQ'
“I couldn’t recommend Erin highly enough!”
Tim Bourne, Founder, Exposure
"Erin McKee is fantastic whether we're dealing with him professionally or out socialising with him!"
Eva Simpson, Deputy Editor, The London Paper
“Erin is a PR DIAMOND!”
Elizabeth Saltzman, VANITY FAIR U.S.

"Erin D.McKee PR knows the business inside out and have more 'contacts' than Vision Express!"
Dominic Mohan Assistant Editor, The Sun

"Erin D.McKee PR are one of the best PR companies around they make my life is easier. They know what's what, and don't dither like other PR's. Keep up the good work boys!"
Rav Singh - Showbiz Columnist, News of the World

"Erin D.McKee are fantastic whether we're dealing with them
professionally or out partying with them!"
Jessica Callan, Eva Simpson & Nikki
Waldergrave - The Mirror, '3 AM'

"Erin D.McKeeare a pleasure to work with. Cool, calm and collected - even in a crisis - with the gift for knowing what's hot and what's not"
Rachel Clark, Former Celebrity Editor - 'MAXIM'

"Erin D.McKee, an excellent new breed of PR!"
Nicky Haslam ES Magazine

"Erin D.McKee have got it sussed. They understand what you need, then make it happen. I couldn't ask for more. Very impressive!"
Martin Daubney - Editor, LOADED

"Erin D.McKee Public Relations has a talent for representing media friendly celebrities, which is why their clients are constantly in demand in the world of television."
Steven D. Wright Head of Development - 'SHINE TV'

"Erin D.McKeePublic Relations represent some of the most gossiped about and newsworthy celebrities. More please!"
Dan Wakford, news editor - In Touch Magazine, USA

Erin is also a columnist for Who's Jack





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