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Erin Daniel Mckee is one of the entertainment industry's leading publicity firms, representing actors, no.1 award-winning music acts,  radio DJ's, celebrity/models, TV Hosts, filmmakers and television programs. The company has provided strategic marketing and publicity consultation for many top entertainment industry professionals for over eight years and has offices in London and more recently Italy.

Erin Daniel Mckee (together with Sean Borg, when working together in Spirit Media), took Brit-Award winning pop-dance act, LIBERTY X, once dubbed the “flopstars” and turned them into bona fide “popstars”. This saw Spirit Media presented with its very own 2003 Brit Award for its PR campaign on ‘Just a Little', the hit that reached number 1, selling over a million copies.

With our celebrity clients we endeavor to procure endorsements and source branding that the individual has a synergy with. In doing so we increase the client's ‘celebrity' appeal thus furthering their commodity status.

Through our proactive and lateral thinking approach Erin Daniel Mckee puts its clients in the spotlight with expertise marketability, achieving astounding results.  Please see a sample of associations and cases.

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