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Calum Best VIP Guest at Montecatini Terme, in collaboration with Alessandra De Paola, Town and SPA Tettuccio of Montecatini Terme
Roger Taylor VIP Guest at Pietrasanta for launch of Gallery and Book of Ferdinando Cioffi in collaboration with Town of Pietrasanta and Pietro Modica of Palazzo Guiscardo
Sir Anthony Hopkins and Ferruccio & Ilaria Ferragamo Dinner at Il Borro for The Tuscan Sun Festival
UK launch of Tommy Hilfiger
Ciroc Vodka and P.Diddy European Tour
Fifty Years of Vogue Italia
Chicago The Musical 10th Anniversary Gala, London and New York
Ashlee Simpson and Jessica Simpson birthday Event, London
French launch of Peroni Nastro Azzurro, Monaco
Starbucks Summer Parties, London
Tango - Product launch, London and rest of Europe
Sega - Game launch, London and rest of Europe
Tia Maria - UK Launch of Tia Lusso, London
Kodak - UK Launch of Single-Use Camera, London
Album launches and concert tour events for the following artists:
Madonna, Simply Red, Duran Duran, Boy George and Culture Club, Liberty X,
Mica Paris
et al Film Premiers: Notting Hill, Casanova and Rabbit Fever


1. Erin Daniel McKee has well established and lasting relationships with all the UK media 
2.  Erin Daniel McKee has extensive experience in event management, from celebrity guest lists through to media management and event production 
3. Erin Daniel McKee is expert in personal profiling and brand profile awareness 
4. Erin Daniel McKee has the man-power and know-how to handle any challenge that could arise while servicing your account 
5. Erin Daniel McKee has the experience to manage on set unit publicity
6.  Erin Daniel McKee specialises in celebrity alignment for consumer brands
7.  Erin Daniel McKee focuses in media re-positioning/positioning thus helping to create a better public perception of the client or brand
8.  Erin Daniel McKee specialises in combining great ideas and strategic insight to deliver measurable business impact
9.  Erin Daniel McKee understands growth / The Bigger Picture and will always take the time to understand the future goals of your firm
10. Erin Daniel McKee wants to get inside the ‘head’ of the client in order to find the soul of the business in hand
11. Erin Daniel McKee always looks at the long term growth of your company – with a clear and firm understanding of your goals
12. Erin Daniel McKee has strong relationships with our clients and always place them or their product as the market leaders in their sector




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